Studio apartment

  2 Guests      1 Bedroom      1 Bathroom      Air-conditioner      Wi-Fi

Ample studio apartment that, thanks to its strategic location, allows easy access to most famous landmarks and public transport, such as train station, tram, bus and the metro.

This district is the only one in the city named in Piedmontese; Cit Turin which fact means Little Turin in dialect. An elegant residential area, home of the renowned Art Nouveau buildings of Fenoglio.

It is also home of one the most renowned street markets in the city and with the renovation of Porta Susa train station and the newly built San Paolo skyscraper, this area is rediscovering a long-forgotten commercial and entrepreneurial vein.

These public transport lines have stops near Via Giambattista Balbis:

  • Bus: 29 - 46 - 49 - 56 - 67 - 71
  • Train: Porta Susa station - SFM1, SFM4, SFM7
  • Metro: M1
  • Tram: 10
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Home Rules

  •   Accessibile 24/7
  •   Elevator
  •   Check-in after h.16
  •   Check-out from h.11 to h.14
  •   No Smoking
  •   No pets allowed
  • Not accessible by weelchiar

Kitchen and living room


Unfortunately the apartment complex in which the apartment is located does not provide support to people confined to wheelchairs, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Cod. regione: 001272-CIM-00084
Cod. struttura: M00059